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AFC arrives in Berlin for the BFF

Américas Film Conservancy just arrived in Berlin for the Berlin Film Festival where Brazilian film Sangue Azul will open the main programme of Panorama at the CinemaxX 7 on February 5, an AFC co-production and our CEO Oliver Kwon is already on site to preview this amazing fairy tale.

The Brazilian Audiovisual Industry: An Explosion…

Designed to meet the need for current, accurate information on the flourishing Brazilian audiovisual industry, the book covers the rapid growth of film and television business, pertinent legislation and data, and serves as an indispensable guide to the multiple potential partnerships with local industry content providers and market agents. Each of the 21 articles contributed

O Cinema Latino-Americano de hoje – Pelo olhar do diretor

Published in a bilingual format, this unique collection of articles by leading film directors of 10 Latin American countries presents a diverse and refreshing view of Latin American audiovisual vitality. The filmmakers who have contributed their time and effort to offer their perspectives of the directions of the film industry in their respective countries are


AFC co-production “Sangue Azul” selected to open the main program at the Panorama at Berlinale 2015. Executive Producer Oliver Kwon and company present the Award-winning Brazilian picture to European and international audiences at one of the world’s most prestigious film venues.

Cuba 15 | 1997

A light-hearted look at the trials and tribulations of turning 15 in Cuba. Tzunami, a small-town Cuban girl, prepares for her quinceañera, the official crossroads between innocence and maturity.