Our mission is…
Ensure a bright Latin American film industry, producing In the present, for the future and preserving the rich heritage of its past.

The past and future of Latin American film is under threat. Historic productions continue to be lost as valuable film archives are at-risk due to lack of protection from commercial disregard, lack of funding and competing social interests. Meanwhile promising filmmakers are aften neglected, as many Latin American production teams and talent remain under-promoted and under-financed.

Americas Film Conservancy (AFC) is a California registered nonprofit organization, founded in 2002 by Oliver Kwon, that recognizes the need for institutional aid in developing the potential of Latin American film.

During its course, AFC has become not only an evolving film restoration and preservation company, but also an original and recognized quality film producer.

AFC profile and initiatives resolves to:

  1. Be the first pan-regional organization for preserving and promoting Latin American film, catalyzing a new period of industry success.
  2. Expand its non profit organization. AFC endevors to bring highly experienced team of professionals with a track record for adding value, achieving extraordinary results.
  3. Promote the continuity of Latin American film by preserving Latin film heritage as well as promoting the region’s cinematic future.
  4. Build awareness of Latin American film in key markets. AFC has extensive networks, entertainment centers in Hollywood, Miami, Rio de Janeiro and greater regions of South America, Europe and Asia for the global promotion and preservation of Latin American cinema.
  5. Support the education and professional development of Latin American filmmakers, scholars and archivists.