At the time of the legendary French actress Sarah Bernhardt’s first visit to 19th century Brazil, the abolition of slavery and the First Republic are still future uncertainties for Rio de Janeiro’s 520,000 inhabitants.
The awkward disappearance of a Stradivarius violin which has left our emperor Pedro II in the lurch, along with several sliced ears and their respective corpses, bring the famous detective Sherlock Holmes to Brazil, upon his no less notorious friend Sarah Bernhardt’s advice. However, what seemed like a trivial and discreet imperial case turns into a series of hideous and enigmatic crimes, carried out by history’s first serial killer.
In spite of the French influence over the imperial capital’s fashion and customs during the last century, the British detective discovers the sensual delicacies of the tropics, learns some of the native customs, but will be forced to admit that crimes south of the equator are far from elementary.

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